Always Safe

Management Accountability & Involvement

Thayer Infrastructure Services knows that all successful safety programs start with a strong and visible commitment from top management at the parent company down to all operating companies. Under the Thayer Infrastructure Services Group, all entities under our family of companies actively support the safety culture. This is done through training all management that being safe on jobs is our number one priority. It is understood by all employees at Thayer Power & Communication that the safety culture always produces better results.

As stated above, at TPC safety is a culture, not a behavior. We strive to turn safety behavior into a culture our employees take home each day. All crew leaders are OSHA 30 certified and all crew leaders up to top management of the company have ongoing safety training.

Our Safety Team works hard to ensure that safety is a “state of mind” in all situations, allowing crews to look at jobs, engineer out any hazards first, and then implement proper safeguards and personal protective equipment. Management is required to perform numerous crew visits throughout the year because we know that understanding what is happening in the field is critical to further enhance safety protocols.


Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Our safety program is enhanced by foremen collecting and reporting daily, real-time job safety information using iPads and their Safety Culture app. Information is received by managers and safety personnel that is discussed before the day’s work begins. Additionally, crew visits are arranged to ensure safety standards are being enforced, with tasks and hazards closely monitored.

TPC has a Management Safety Committee that oversees all of our safety programs. In addition to the operating company level, our parent company has a Safety Committee to ensure all entities within our family of companies are following the same safety standard and procedures. These Committees have over 200 years of combined experience in the construction industry.