Design & Drafting

The Design & Drafting Division was established in 2005 to provide additional services to the telecommunication industry. With the addition of this division, TPC offers a full turnkey solution for fiber network builds. Our team provides preliminary high-level design, detail design, permitting, as-builts, as well as project management throughout our clients’ projects.  

Our goal is to design and draft the most cost-effective and efficient fiber networks that meet the immediate and future needs of our clients. We utilize the latest technologies, such as GPS and AutoCAD Civil 3D, combined with in-depth experience to provide premier services to our clients. 

Our staff is comprised of seasoned personnel who have extensive and previous background employment with various major telecommunication companies. Due to our strong experience and reputation for delivering quality products, we currently provide services and support to those same major telecommunication providers and local network service companies. 

Our Capabilities:

Design Services
  • Route investigations and design
  • Feasibility studies
  • CAD drafting (capable of Scalable Plan & Profile Drafting)
  • Aerial fiber design
  • Underground design
  • Node design
  • Conduit design
  • Manhole rebuild design
  • Legal mandates (forced relocation design)
  • Conflict analysis
  • Test hole design
  • Manhole details
  • Fiber network design
  • FTTX design (FTTB, FTTC, FTTH, FTTN, & FTTP)
  • ARAMIS-DT design
  • 5G site design
  • 3GIS design
  • Field Utility Verification As-Builts
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • ESRI
Permitting Services
  • State, County, & Local Government
  • Railroads
  • DOT Districts
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Pole Attachment Permissions
  • Ohio Turnpike
Right of Way Services
  • Utility research
  • Courthouse research (easements, deeds, & plats)
  • R/W research
Field Services
  • Field Data Collection
  • Pole Data Collection
  • Field Utility Verification