Emergency Restoration

The TPC Emergency Restoration Team has been responding to weather-related power outages in the Atlantic and Gulf regions since 2006. Our team of highly skilled linemen has rushed to the aid of storm victims in such locations as Texas, Louisiana, Florida, West Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Chicago.

When the call comes in for assistance, the Emergency Restoration Team can be mobilized within 24 hours!

Once our team arrives on location, the TPC Mobile Command Unit (MCU) becomes the base of operations, monitoring all aspects of the restoration process. Equipped with satellite communications and multiple computer workstations, the MCU offers our billing personnel all the comforts of our home office, contributing to prompt and accurate invoicing.   

Restoration Assets:

  • Power line bucket trucks
  • Pole-setting digger trucks
  • Backyard tracked digger machines
  • Mobile tool crib
  • Mobile command center
  • Crane trucks
  • Mobile mechanic truck
  • Support vehicles

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